2015 already!

2014 certainly flew by and we are in the second month of 2015 already. The end of last year was busy, judging at FOQ in Birmingham, then Adelaide and Auckland. It is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing quilts, and meet many of their makers. I am surprised how different the feel at quilt shows around the world, we have so much in common but the quilts made by the Europeans and the New Zealanders are different from those made in Australia. This year I am taking an exhibition of Australian art quilts to Birmingham and it will be interesting to see if others see the differences I have become aware of.
This week I have installed a selection of my smaller works at the Possum Gully Fine Art Gallery ( about 10 km south of Maryborough), they are inspired by our local landscape of box – ironbark forests and a few from a trip to Japan. The photo was taken as we finished.
The rest of the week is taken up with installing Golden Textures at the Maryborough Art Gallery, opens on Saturday when we will be able to announce the winner of the $3000 Acquisitive Prize. So more of that soon, it looks fantastic, and the works we take to Birmingham are being selected from the artists who have been involved in Golden Textures.Possum Gully Gallery 2015