First Day of Autumn

Landscape Evening

Landscape Evening

I love the local landscape in autumn, and find it inspires me to produce. Perhaps it is the cooler days which make this easier but I also think that the light changes, and colours become more intense. This little work was produced a few years ago but is from a series that I always liked. Now I am going back to the forests and the pattern of trunks and negative shapes they produce against the sky. Time to get back into the studio!

Making a ‘Judges Choice’.

In mid January I had a wonderful opportunity to be one of 3 judges at the Road to California, the first time I had been able to work as a judge in the USA. It is a Judging Floor I know very well, so I was working with friends and as usual we had a terrific selection of quilts that had been juried in, some already major prize winners but others new to all of us. Thanks go to the other judges – Gloria Loughnam and David Taylor – very easy to work with.
One of my favourite tasks is to make a Judges Choice Award, it can go to a quilter who has achieved something I personally like. I have a few rules for myself, I would never give it to someone who has already been awarded a major prize,(not a problem at Road2Ca as this is not allowed), I like excellent use of colour, originality, and doing something difficult.
This time I was very pleased to give my award to Joanne Baeth for Robbers Roost. Her colour is magnificent, the work is technically excellent, and she has managed two light sources with ease although this is considered difficult if not ill advised!

By Joanne Baeth

By Joanne Baeth

Travelling with Golden Textures

Set up day BirminghamEarly in August we were in Birmingham UK for the Festival of Quilts with Golden Textures of Australia, showing the variety and excellence of our Art Quilters. It was so successful, with wonderful comments in our Visitors Book, and crowds clustering around the work. Favourites were Earth Bones #2 by Dianne Firth, My Country My Way by Cathy Jack Coupland, and the iconic When Hopes Ran Dry by Noelle Lyon.

One of the good things about big quilt shows (and this is the largest in Europe!) is that you have fantastic opportunities to network, which opens up new ventures. We were invited to bring the exhibit to France in April 2016, so now we will be sharing at Quilt Expo en Beaujolais in Villefranche en Saone 13th – 16th April.

Set up in Birmingham is so well organised with a team of textile students from Birmingham University, great experts with the drill! The photo shows our dedicated team hanging Noelle Lyons work.

Preparing for winter

This is quilt show season in Australia, better in winter when the weather is cooler so we have Sydney in June and then Tasmania in Launceston in July. So I have a month at home before the travels start again. The quilt shown – Chardonnay has just returned from Paducah and it was very pleasing to get an Honorable Mention! It might not sound like much, but when they get about 1000 entries and only take 400 it is an achievement just to get it and then to come fourth in my category means I can feel I am keeping up. Need to start working in earnest on next years.Bacon J Chardonnay

Working with Golden Textures Exhibition

I am the curator for Golden Textures Art Quilt Exhibition run in Maryborough biennially, the show for 2015 has just closed. We were able to exhibit 28 works by 23 artists which have been admired by the many visitors drawn to our town for this event. The Acquisitive Prize which is sponsored by the Central Goldfields Council was won by Ruth de Vos for Banksia Spill.

Now I will be working on getting works back to the artists (a few days of frequent visits to the Post Office), and organising the next showing of Golden Textures which is at Festival of Quilts in Birmingham UK in August 2015. It is very exciting to be able to show a selection from our exhibitions to an international audience, and only shows how credible the works of Australian quilts artists are.

In the meantime I have started another quilt in traditional format but anything but a traditional colour scheme. More on this next time!!

2015 Prize winner by Ruth de Vos from West Australia

2015 Prize winner by Ruth de Vos from West Australia

2015 already!

2014 certainly flew by and we are in the second month of 2015 already. The end of last year was busy, judging at FOQ in Birmingham, then Adelaide and Auckland. It is a wonderful opportunity to see amazing quilts, and meet many of their makers. I am surprised how different the feel at quilt shows around the world, we have so much in common but the quilts made by the Europeans and the New Zealanders are different from those made in Australia. This year I am taking an exhibition of Australian art quilts to Birmingham and it will be interesting to see if others see the differences I have become aware of.
This week I have installed a selection of my smaller works at the Possum Gully Fine Art Gallery ( about 10 km south of Maryborough), they are inspired by our local landscape of box – ironbark forests and a few from a trip to Japan. The photo was taken as we finished.
The rest of the week is taken up with installing Golden Textures at the Maryborough Art Gallery, opens on Saturday when we will be able to announce the winner of the $3000 Acquisitive Prize. So more of that soon, it looks fantastic, and the works we take to Birmingham are being selected from the artists who have been involved in Golden Textures.Possum Gully Gallery 2015

Starting 2014

Accepted into Living Colour Exhibition 2014

Accepted into Living Colour Exhibition 2014

The year has started well with a week in California helping out on the Judging Floor of the Road to California Quilt Show. We have 2 days of hard work and fun in very pleasant company and the end result of seeing all the quilts hung with the prizewinners celebrated makes it all a fantastic experience. All being well I shall be back for 2015!

At the end of 2013 we heard that we have passed our Judging Course with the Quilters Guild of the British Isles, and already some of the participants are off and judging in Europe. I made some very interesting contacts and friends during the more than 2 years we worked on the course and wish all of them well. We will be catching up at the AGM in April in Portsmouth when we will be presented with our certificates. I must say I have been able to do more sewing since the studying stopped and should get even more if these heat waves ever stop!

Spent a lovely day with AQA recently sharing my Adventures of the Judging Floor. More than 80 members attended on what was another very hot day, they made it very easy for me and looked after everything I needed. Hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

So far this year Illuminate has been accepted into Living Colour, Exuberant Feathers is a semi-finalist at Lancaster PA AQS Show, and am finishing Blueberry Pickle for the Castlemaine Applique Group Exhibition on the 15-16th March. Just need to keep at it!

An introduction

Welcome to my studioHi and welcome to my website and blog. This is a view of my studio, well a corner of it anyway. As you can see I am somewhat obsessional about arranging thread and fabric in colour families, this view is one of the things that inspires me to work. Luckily on an early spring day like today the sun streams in and I can enjoy the light and heat while I work on the latest projects. Most days I can be found here for at least 3 – 4 hours creating. At present there are several quilts to be finished for exhibitions later this year, two competition quilts to be completed for next year and as usual a head full of ideas for future work. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon.