Lectures & Workshops


Lecture: Adventures on the Judging Floor

Now I have seen and worked on judging floors both in Australia and overseas I want to share the experience I have gained. Some of it is serious, some funny but there are many ways for the judging to happen and every show does it in their own way. The talk is illustrated by my own quilts and photos from many shows. Questions and discussion are welcomed.

40 minutes – 1 hour. Cost $100 + travel costs if outside Central and Northern Victoria.

Workshop: What are Judges Looking For?

Learning about Quilt Judging:

  • Find out what happens in a Judging session
  • Learn what standards might apply
  • How you can set the standards you want for your group’s quilt show
  • Learn to critique your own quilts.

Over the last few years I have been able to work in judging sessions at Quilt Shows in the Australia and overseas, I have also done some training and started working as a Judge while I complete 2 years study with the Quilters Guild of the British Isles. Now I would like to share this with you. The more we know, the less scary the process becomes, and we can enter a Quilt Show knowing that we have done our best and now it will be up to the Judges to pick the best from the group of quilts in the category on the day.

½ day (3 hours) or 1 or 2 day workshops for those who wish to develop more expertise.

Costs: $175 per 3 hour session/$350 + travel costs – please ask about these as I may be travelling to your area for something else.

It is suggested that numbers in workshops be limited to 20, this will enable everyone to participate in the session.

Requirements: Notebook and pencil

Participants should bring 1 – 2 small simple quilts to share in a practice judging session.

You will:

  • Receive notes on international standards that could apply
  • Discuss criteria for different shows – Art Quilts or Traditional
  • Gain some personal experience in a quilt judging session.
  • Learn how to look after the judge/judges at your next show; you will want to make their job as easy as possible.
  • Debunk some myths about the ‘quilt police’!

These workshops aim to run in a non-critical atmosphere and to be interesting and fun whatever your experience and perceived level of skill and whether you have ever entered a judged show or not.

What have others said about these workshops?

  • Relaxed and knowledgeable presenter
  • Non-judgmental and encouraging
  • We were able to ask any question and learnt so much.


I am developing 2 new Workshops which will be held over 1/2 – 2 days.

  • Designing for Stupendous Hand Quilting. For people who love to hand quilt but want their quilt to shine like those done by machine. This is a design class, we will not be learning handquilting technique.
  • Vintage Applique: adding the details of tiny berries, veins, and outlines which will make your quilt stand out. Hand sewing, I use needleturn method.

Please enquire if you are interested.